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Join UNISON at Leeds Pride on Sunday 7 August 2016

Leeds Pride 2016

If you would like to join the Leeds PRIDE march on Sunday 7th August and be with the UNISON contigent, please ring the branch on 0113 2458442.

For more information about the branch LGBT group please click here.

Forwards Not Backwards on Climate Change! (02/05/16)

In the past year, our Government has moved backwards on climate change. It has undermined renewable energy and energy efficiency and fast-tracked fracking. In Yorkshire, this has cost jobs, threatened businesses and put communities at risk. Even the government’s independent advisors, the Committee on Climate have warned that investors are losing confidence and the Government risks missing its climate targets.

Taking action on climate change would be win-win for Yorkshire, creating:

  • Jobs Renewable energy and energy efficiency could create thousands of jobs, many times more than fracking.
  • Clean Air Improving public transport could help to prevent 1000 premature deaths per year from air pollution in West Yorks alone
  • Safe Water Stop Knostrop becoming a dumping ground for fracking's toxic waste.
  • Warm Homes Upgrading our housing would improve the health of the 240,000 households in Yorkshire who live in fuel poverty.
  • Energy that doesn’t cost the earth Investment in renewable energy will protect us from rising gas prices and help us to avoid dangerous climate change.

Find out more about how the Government is moving backwards on climate change http://www.campaigncc.org/goingbackwards

You can help to protect local communities in Yorkshire and make the government stop its backtracking on climate change.

Get involved in local groups

  • Climate Action Leeds
  • West Yorkshire Kirklees Campaign Against Climate Change

UNISON welcomes government change of heart over check-off (20/04/16)

Commenting on the announcement in the Lords today (Tuesday 19th April 2016) that the government is no longer to stop unions from collecting members’ subs via their pay packets, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“There’s much that’s wrong with the Trade Union Bill, but banning unions from using the check-off system to collect membership fees from employees in the public sector was among the most mean-spirited of all its proposals.

“But thanks to a good deal of union campaigning behind the scenes, UNISON and the TUC have built an effective coalition in the Lords that persuaded the government a ban would be both unjustified and unnecessary.

“Now at least UNISON can concentrate on campaigning to protect public sector employees at work and the services they deliver, safe in the knowledge that it will not have to spend the next year running around workplaces with direct debit forms for fear of losing much of its income.

“Employers and unions across the public sector will have breathed a collective sigh of relief at today’s news that there has been a sensible change of heart in Westminster. And there’s no cost to the public purse as a result of this decision.”


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LGPS - sign the petition

Pension petition

Local Government Pension Scheme - Sign the Petition (15/07/11)

We request your help with a Parliamentary petition we set up about the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Over 86,000 people like you have already signed it. Please join them today, it takes just 30 seconds to do so. If we don’t get 100,000 signatures by September we will have missed the opportunity for a debate in the House of Commons

Please sign the petition here.

What’s the problem?

The government has announced plans to force individual Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds to invest in UK infrastructure projects. This is instead of direct government funding of important projects – even if it doesn’t give the best return for LGPS members’ pensions.

UNISON is not against LGPS funds investing in infrastructure, but we believe that investment decisions should be made by the fund managers and their members, not government ministers. Such a significant change to pension funds should be debated in Parliament.

Some five million people rely on the Local Government Pension Scheme to pay their pension. This is why UNISON has launched the petition calling for a parliamentary debate on the matter and is asking you to sign it today.

Even if you are not a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme, please take the time to sign this important petition. If this proposal does go ahead, it could have much wider implications for members of other pension schemes and could affect you and your own pension in the future.

Best wishes

John Cafferty





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